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vera wang wedding dress made up in ivory silk brocade

Ivory Vera Wang Wedding Dress

Prue made this amazing Vera Wang wedding dress in silk brocade. The pattern is discontinued #2118 but sometimes you can find them on Etsy and such like. There are 32 tiny little fiddly buttons down the back which for that alone Prue should get a medal, but how stunning is this dress? (the answer is […]

foxglove purple felted wool child's coat

Purple Felted Wool Child’s Coat

Catharine made this delightful coat for her daughter, she said she doesn’t normally send in photos but has had so many compliments about this coat she decided she really ought to share. The fabric is a lovely foxglove felted wool from LG. Lined with her favourite Frozen fabric (not from us) and sleeves lined with […]

seaweed and underwater print child's sundress and matching sun hat

Child’s Cotton Dress and Matching Hat

This is Christine’s Granddaughter Georgia, who was nearly 5. She’d just been to stay, and as soon as her parents had dropped her off she wanted to ‘do sewing – a hat and a dress!’ They found a lovely free bucket hat pattern online – from Oliver + s – a PDF, a first for […]

viscose 'learn to sew' halterneck girl's dress

Butterfly Print Viscose ‘learn to sew’ Halterneck Girl’s Dress

Madeleine overjoyed with her butterfly print viscose halterneck dress made by Granny, Alisa. The Pattern is ‘learn to sew’ McCall’s 7589 as Alisa has had time out from sewing and needed to ease herself in gently, she was back for more fabric the following week so I think it worked!

Pink and Turquoise Spotty Raincoat

Pink Spotty Kid’s Raincoat

Anna from I ❤️ Sewing made this funky little fully lined spotty raincoat from laminated cotton and finished it off with snap fasteners

Printed pajamas in brushed cotton

Printed Pajamas in Brushed Cotton

Two little sweeties here (like butter wouldn’t melt) wearing their printed brushed cotton pajamas made by Aiste. Love the funky flared cut. 

green floral viscose elasticated waist dress

Green Floral Viscose Elasticated Waist Dress

Kitcat in the shop for the holidays wearing her elasticated waist viscose dress made by Jane using Burda pattern 9367 (age 9). Jersey bias was used for the elastic casing and was set lower so the fabric blouses up. a drawstring was added to the front and the same jersey bias was used to case […]

green proofed linen raincoat with pixel daisy organic cotton lining

Green Proofed Linen Raincoat

Miaow wearing the proofed linen raincoat made for her by Jane using #32 Ottobre pattern from the winter 6/12 catalogue. It is lined in pixel daisy print quilting weight organic cotton (which adds a reasonable amount of weight). It has been top stitched with pink thread (two standard threads through the same eye of the needle), Also […]

super woman princess dress

Red, Blue and Yellow Princess Dress

Bess was supposed to be making a princess dress for her niece Eloise but it kind of mutated into a Wonder Woman dress instead. This is what happens when you sew with no real idea of what you are making! The skirt is made up of many layers of tulle with a Venezia lining, the bodice […]

gold lamé jersey leggings

Gold Lamé Jersey Leggings

Jane made these gold lamé leggings for her grandchildren Kitcat and Miaow because every 7 year old and 9 year old needs gold leggings. Of course they do. She was surprised how easy it was to sew – we don’t usually buy this kind of ‘fancy dress’ fabric, but we made an exception for this […]

pink tulle tutu with sequins

Pink Tutu with Sequins

Bess made this pink tutu for her niece Amélie (who is 16 months) for Christmas, numerous layers of tulle were gathered and pleated (there is a few layers of cream underneath), and then fitted to a silk dupion waistband and drawn in with elastic. Then, Christmas being Christmas and the bling level needing to be […]

Pale pink tulle ballerina tutus with feathers

Pink Tulle Tutus with Feathers and Sequins

Bess made these two tutus for her nieces Kitcat and Miaow with a loose brief of Nutcracker in mind. There are a gazillion layers of tulle gathered and pleated and sewn onto a silk dupion elasticated waistband and embellished with feathers and sequins.  3 colours of tulle were used to get a greater depth to the […]

porcupine faux fur gilet with leopard print Liberty tana lawn lining

Porcupine Faux Fur Gilet

Jane made these fabulous porcupine faux fur gilets for Kitcat and Miaow (grandchildren). Lined in Leopard/Jaguar Print Liberty Tana Lawn. Because they are such squinges Jane managed to cut all pieces out of the width of the fabric (just 40cm). Hoorah for squinges!

Cotton Dobby Voile School Shirt

White Dobby School Shirt

School shirts don’t have to be made out of polyester to be easy care, why are all the school shirts in the shops either horrid stiff cotton or polyester? Jane makes Kitcat and Miaow’s school shirts in supersoft cotton dobby lawn which hardly needs ironing at all, just flatten the collar and they are good to go! Made using […]

green cotton and modal school jumper

Green School Jumper

Miaow told Jane that she didn’t want her to make her school jumper because she was too slow, she wanted Bess to make it…. which was a cunning plan of a 7 year old to get granny proving otherwise. The jumper was made the very same day as the request, and in the post for her […]

Turquoise sequinned tulle dress

Turquoise Mermaid Blue Sequinned Dress

Jane made this sequinned tulle dress for her grandchildren Kitcat and Miaow (they share). The armholes are bound in lightweight satin bias binding, the hem is taken up with turquoise lycra binding and the neck has a plain mandarin collar made from cotton jersey so the scratchy sequin factor is minimised. This dress makes all the […]

cartoon print viscose dressing gown

Cartoon Print Viscose Lawn Dressing Gown

Kitcat here (age 9 going on 14) wearing the dressing gown that she made with granny (Jane) in the summer holidays. She insisted she wanted a slinky dressing gown (like Mummy has) and was adamant that this fabric was the one. Surprisingly, despite viscose lawn being a harder fabric to sew with (we were trying to […]

Tropical bird print cotton canvas bag

Tropical Bird Print Cotton Bag

Miaow (age 6) made this tropical bird printed cotton canvas bag (with help from Jane). With appliqué parrot dangling. How cool is this?  

kitsch cat digital print jersey dress

Kitsch Cats Print Jersey Dress

Kitcat wearing her terribly kitsch cat digital print cotton and elastane jersey long sleeved dress (made by Jane). The pattern is Burda 8455 but Jane pieced together the yoke and hem so as not to cut up the print. Kitcat is such a squinge it is cut to age 6 but lengthened in sleeve and […]

pink denim jacket and skirt for dolly

Pink Denim Jacket and Skirt for Dolly

Kitcat came up with the bright idea that when Jane makes her an outfit her dolly, Ayla should get one too. This concept is like a red rag to the bull to Jane so here we have a matching pink denim jacket and mini skirt to match her life size one; even down to the […]

Geometric print Cotton needlecord dress

Geometric Print Needlecord A-Line Dress

Daiga made this aqua, brown and chartreuse green geometric print cotton needlecord up into a great retro inspired dress for a nine year old and embellished the seams and front with lace and does up with a concealed zip down the back.  

digital floral print jersey a-line dress

Multicolour Floral Digital Print A-Line Dress

Daiga made this floral digitally printed viscose jersey up into a fabulous dress for a 6 year old using simplicity 1146. The neckline is embellished with diamanté (what little six year old doesn’t love a bit of bling? And what mother doesn’t love a dress that can be screwed up into a little ball but […]


School Shirt and Shorts

Summer ready and super stylish Kitcat in her white spotty jacquard cotton school shirt and green gingham shorts. There is also a matching belt (covered by Harlequin). This girl will not be showing her knickers whilst handstanding in the playground! To make the gingham a little heavier for the shorts Jane backed it with cotton lawn […]


Corduroy and Cotton Jersey Circle Dress

Eloise modelling her bright blue jumbo cord dress with jersey circle inserts and inseam pockets. Made by Aunty Bess who would really like one for herself but suspects she’s too big.    


Alice in Wonderland Sleepwear

Kitcat and Miaow with their Alice in Wonderland print cotton jersey nightime ensembles (complete with matching nightie for Ayla the dolly.). Made by Jane, who doesn’t at all spoil her grandchildren.

lime green and pale pink denim jackets

Green Denim Kid’s Mini Skirt & Jacket

Jane made this lime green denim mini skirt and jacket for Miaow. The jacket was a pattern downloaded whose author shall remain anonymous due to the derogatory comments that have come out of Jane while making it. It was a battle to find a kid’s denim jacket pattern at all, it would have been quicker (and […]

siamese kitten and green gingham school skirt

Gingham School Skirt

Rudi the Siamese kitten getting in on the picture with Kitcat’s school skirt (he is so vain). Green cotton gingham with elasticated waist and slant pockets.

Harry potter cape costume

Harry Potter Costume

Mia casting spells in the bathroom wearing her Harry Potter costume made by Jane for World Book Day. The cape was made to directions found on in Black poly viscose elastane suiting and lined in burgundy heavy poly satin lining. (We bought the wand and the badge on Ebay).

white cotton school shirt and green gingham school skater skirt

School Shirt and Skater Skirt

School shirt made for Kitcat (by Jane) with white cotton seersucker using Burda 9744 pattern. Green gingham cotton skater skirt using MCall’s 6918.

white cotton school shirt and green gingham school skorts

School Shirt and Skorts

School shirt made for Miaow (by Jane) with white cotton seersucker using Burda 9744 pattern. Green gingham cotton skorts (The shorts bit underneath is green cotton and elastane jersey) using MCall’s 6918.  

Kitcat stood by fireplace wearing jimjams

Embroidered Whales Seersucker Jimjams

Kitcat wearing her whale embroidered babydoll nightie and cropped jimjams made by Jane (the granny). The babydoll is Butterick pattern 6659 cut out in a size 6 despite Kitcat being 9 (she is tiny). A few different shorts were made but only one pair had the wales the right way up due to the new […]

sequinned dress singing little angel

Sequinned Dress for a little Angel

Kitcat singing us all Christmas carols in her sequinned dress made by Jane. It is lined in heavy tricot and the armholes and neck are bound with jersey binding. You get fabulous movement with this sequinned fabric as each sequin is black on one side and silver on the other, so every move is exaggerated […]

black ballet print dress

Ballet Print Chiffon Dress

Sarah looking pleased as punch in her poly chiffon circular skirt dress made exquisitely by Joan, her Grandma. The pattern is Vogue 9141. We’re a bit speechless with how well this dress is made, Joan must have the patience of a saint, chiffon is not easy!


Just Moosey Tutu

Clair made this sooo sweeeet baby satin dress and tutu using viscose satin coat lining (much too good to hide inside a coat) and light pink tulle tutu.


Wind in the Willow inspired Velvet Outfits.

Kitcat and Miaow (having been told to smile)* wearing cotton velvet fitted jacket, yellow dogtooth fitted jacket, acetate crushed velvet plus-fours and a dogtooth check waistcoat, all made by Jane (the granny) for a trip to Chatsworth House for their Wind in the Willows themed Christmas decorations. Despite over two years between them their size difference […]

Brown Faux Fur Jacket

Brown Cheetah Spot Faux Fur Jacket

Kitcat all wrapped up in her faux fur Burda 9501 jacket. It is lined with aubergine satin coat lining (oh-so grown up!). She’s a bit fed up with us cuddling her now, but that jacket is sooo snuggly!

black polka dot printed viscose jersey top and pencil skirt

Black Jersey Ensemble for an 8 (going on 18) Year Old

Kitcat wearing her black jersey skirt and cropped T-shirt which she made HERSELF. Jane helped (with hyper alertness) as Kitcat was burning along at break-neck speed with the overlocker. There is probably a really important life-lesson learned here but we are not quite sure which it is, or for whom. Meanwhile, Kitcat has a fabulous outfit […]

Liberty Alice in Wonderland printed cotton Lawn Dress and Shirt

Liberty Alice in Wonderland Print Cotton Dress and Shirt

Kitcat and Miaow visiting Granny (Jane) at the shop wearing their matching Liberty tana lawn Alice in Wonderland print dress and shirt. The pattern is Burda 9417 (as seen already for school shirts), they tie in at the back. Jane didn’t use any interfacing for the collars, the sleeves puff with elastic in the hem. […]

lion print fleece romper suit

Lion Print Romper Suit

Awwww! Jasmine’s nephew wearing the romper she made him using lion print polar fleece. Soooo cute!!!  

christmas reindeer print cotton and elastane jersey nightie

Christmas Reindeer Print Cotton Jersey Nightie

Kitcat modelling her christmas reindeer printed cotton jersey nightie in the shop. Made by Jane, it has raglan sleeves and jersey binding around the neck. Everything was sewn on the overlocker apart from the hems and the binding. Made using Butterick 5129 (now discontinued but you can sometimes find them)  

christmas tree print cotton and elastane jersey nightie

Christmas Tree Printed Cotton Jersey Nightie

Miaow wearing her Christmas tree printed cotton jersey nightie in the shop. Made by Jane, it has raglan sleeves and jersey binding around the neck. Everything was sewn on the overlocker apart from the hems and the binding. Made using Butterick 5129 (now discontinued but you can sometimes find them)  

cloud print cotton and elastane jersey pyjamas

Cloud Print Cotton Jersey Jimjams

Sol here again proudly wearing his cloud print cotton and elastane single jersey pyjamas made by mum, Pauline. Finished with 1″ Elastic on the waist and a smile  

Gold silk twill bow-tie

Gold Silk Bow Tie

Pauline made this bow tie out of gold twill silk for her son (Magnus) to match his father’s at a wedding. Altogether now! Awwwwwwwww!  

geometric print cotton and elastane t-shirt dress

Geometric Teardrop Print Cotton Jersey Child’s Dress

Frances made this dress for her grand-daughter to go to the school Oscar awards. It’s an easy pull on dress using McCall’s Pattern 7079 and made with a t-shirt weight cotton and elastane single jersey. It’s a good idea to stay the shoulder seams with a bit of tape on t-shirts and dresses, you can […]

Child's fur coat with bunny rabbit print lining

Child’s Fur Coat with Bunny Rabbit Print Lining

Jane and Elwen made this sooo sweeet fur coat using Burda 9501 pattern, They lined it in bunny rabbit print quilting cotton and used toning toggle buttons. There is no interfacing -not even on the button holes which Jane insists is fine and they didn’t need it. She can break the rules because she has […]

dobby cotton school blouses

White Dobby Cotton School Shirts

Kitcat and Miaow all ready for school wearing their blouses made by Jane and Elwen in dobby weave cotton voile. The pattern is Burda 9417, there was an awful lot of ‘awwwwww! soooo sweeeeeeet!’ coming from the sewing room when they were making these, especially those cute little puff sleeves. Kitcat has little black and […]

tractor printed fleece jacket

Tractor Print Fleece Jacket

Jenny made her grandson Owen this fab tractor print fleece jacket using the Burda pattern 9425. Being as Owen thinks Tractors are the best thing since sliced bread we think this has made her No1 Granny.  

pale grey bouclé wool coating

Light Grey Bouclé Wool Coat

All together now: Awwwwwwwww! This gorgeous little girl is modelling a bouclé wool coat made by Anna Ash, you can find her HERE (she makes them to sell so if you don’t feel up to it drop her a line). Bouclé wool is brilliant for coats as the loops make it light and airy, and […]

pink printed cotton kaftan

Child’s Pink Cotton Lawn Kaftan

Malin made up this Pink aztec printed cotton lawn kaftan for her daughter to go to Morocco, with rick rack trim and ribbon ties. I want one! You can find other cotton lawns HERE

spotty denim kaftan

Child’s Spotty Denim Kaftan

Malin made up this spotty kaftan for her daughter to go to Morocco. With rick rack trim and ribbon ties. I want this one too. You can find other denims HERE and spotty fabrics HERE

Tina Givens printed Cotton circular skirt

Yellow Giraffe Circular Skirt

Gracie wearing her pink giraffe print circular skirt made by Lizzy, with yellow lining and fuchsia pink netting. This was the first (clothing) sewing project Lizzy had done for years, she was really happy with the results (and Gracie loves it too). She overlocked both the skirt hem and the raggedy hem of the lining. […]

cotton dobby lawn dresses

White Cotton Dobby Flower Girl Dresses

Kitcat and Miaow wearing their white cotton dobby flower girl dresses. (They were so excited about being flower girls I thought they might pop). The necks were too wide (the joy of making clothes for girls who live 200 miles away) so Jane made little tucks sewn down with french knots (so not a mistake, […]

Tina Givens printed cotton circular skirt

Giraffe Print Quilting Weight Cotton Circular Skirt

Mia-moo wearing the giraffe printed circular skirt using #5102 -a quilting weight cotton– made by Jane (making the pattern AND making it took less than an hour). She has a frou frou net skirt to go under here when she’s feeling more frou-frou. You need to remember your school geometry lessons to make a circular skirt […]

cotton seersucker playsuit

Lime Green Seersucker Cotton Playsuit

Kitcat wearing her Lime Green cotton seersucker playsuit using McCall’s pattern M6733. Kitcat is a proper little squinge so we found the straps too long, but found if we crossed them over at the back they fitted just perfect. It’s not bodging, honest. You can find some more cotton seersuckers HERE

Tina Givens unicycle print cotton

Unicycle Printed Cotton Dress

Mia-moo wearing the unicycle printed quilting weight cotton dress made by Jane (Granny). This dress has sweet darts on the hem that pull it in. Fabric: Quilting weight cotton by Tina Givens #5101 Pattern: Burda 9544

car printed jersey T-Shirt

Car print three quarter sleeve T-shirt

Car print raglan sleeve T-shirt made by Bess for Lulu. Fabric: 4983 Cotton jersey with 8% Elastane Adjusted from Burda pattern 6990 Because the fabric is soooooo wide Bess managed to not only get this top but also a knee length a-line skirt for Lulu, and a little tiny skirt for her daughter, Mia-moo, all […]

denuim dresses with embroidered pussy cat faces and glow in the dark eyes

Glow in the dark pussycat eyes applique denim dresses

Denim dresses (Butterick B5876) made using medium weight denim with appliqued glow in the dark eyes (LOVE LOVE LOVE this glow in the dark fabric). Made by Bess for her 4 and 6 year old nieces. Used bondaweb to fix the appliques (then machined round with a small stitch). The skirt is lined and faced […]

Liberty Lantana wrap dress with cotton lawn on reverse

Liberty Lantana wool and cotton reversible wrap dress

Miaow (age 4; not staying still for the camera) wearing her reversible wrap dress made using Liberty Lantana (80% Wool 20% Cotton) animals in the forest print with a spotty cotton lawn on reverse. Made by Bess.