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Loose-weave Geometric Print Cotton Shirt

chartreuse and turquoise geometric print gauze cotton shirt butterick 6070

This is Carole wearing this super loose-weave cotton shirt using the Butterick 6070 which she has used several times as the buttonholes are hidden behind the placket.  Great if your buttonholes have the occasional wobble!

This cotton is super soft with a gauzey jacquard type weave (unusual), it resists creasing and is great to wear in the hot weather as the drape tends to hold it off the body.

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Red Designer Print Cotton Voile Dress

red designer print cotton voile shirt dress

The lovely Sian here visiting all the way from Australia* wearing her lovely red cotton voile shirt dress that she made with her purchases from her last visit. The pattern is Burda 6353 (lengthened in the skirt), it’s lined in an equally fine cotton lawn  to keep the lightness and coolness. (and it is very cool 😎)

*I don’t think Sian travels 10,000 miles just to see us.


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Eye Print Cotton Poplin Sleeveless Shirt

evil eye print cotton poplin

Bess made up this sleeveless shirt using a fabulous eye print poplin cotton. The pattern is taken and amended from an old White Stuff shirt, the buttons are wiggly eye buttons but how long they will last is debatable as she keeps ironing over them!

As the poplin is very stable and Bess wanted the shirt as light as possible no interfacing was used apart from down the front placket so the button holes would be stabilised.

Whilst Bess lined up the front and back when cutting out no attempt was made to match the pattern. It actually does match where the yoke meets the back piece but that was an accident.


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Blossom Print Japanese Cotton Françoise Shift Dress

indigo blossom print japanese cotton francoise dress from Tilly and The Buttons

Karen came to the shop wearing this brilliant blossom print Japanese cotton shift dress, she made it using the Tilly and the Buttons Françoise pattern, it has been lengthened and a with bit of tweaking to the french darts (hardly visible in this fabric) this has become a firm favourite in Karen’s wardrobe. This cotton has a great weight to it that barely creases, doesn’t shrink (and so pre-washing shouldn’t be necessary) and is loose enough weave to remain cool and breezy.



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Child’s Cotton Dress and Matching Hat

seaweed and underwater print child's sundress and matching sun hat

This is Christine’s Granddaughter Georgia, who was nearly 5. She’d just been to stay, and as soon as her parents had dropped her off she wanted to ‘do sewing – a hat and a dress!’
They found a lovely free bucket hat pattern online – from Oliver + s – a PDF, a first for Christine but very easy, and sewed up nicely. Then they found a New Look G205 pattern for the dress.
Everything made up really nicely in the seaweed print cotton. Christine was thinking of ric-rac, but as soon as Georgia saw the daisy trim she fell in love with it. As you can see, she loves her dress, and thinks it’s very good for twirling in! The hems are sewn with a daisy stitch to match the trim.

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Multicolour Stripe Stretch Cotton Dress

multicolour stripe pattern dress

We have been looking at this stretch cotton sateen multicolour stripe for a while thinking “something FANTASTIC could be made out of this”, and here we have the proof. Marion, with her dress made and designed by the clever stick Dawn Hooper of Hardy and Hooper (Maidenhead). We love the chevron detailing on the back, and the perfectly matched seams. This kind of attention to detail really pays off. 👍

multicolour stripe pattern dress - back chevron detail multicolour stripe pattern dress

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Meadow Digital Print Cotton Canvas Ruffle Skirt

digital print meadow floral cotton canvas skirt

Ann came in smiling wearing this skirt that gets her stopped in the street to ask her where it’s from 🙂

Made from meadow print slightly brushed cotton canvas with just a centre back seam, elasticated waist and a ruffle hem. It only took an afternoon which is fairly impressive, until you see every single seam is sewn beautifully BY HAND (at which point the staff at Stone Fabrics jaws drop). Ann argues it’s quicker than getting the machine out. 😮


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Vinyl Records Print Shirt

Vinyl records print man's shirt

Rachel made this fabulous vinyl records print shirt for Luke, perfectly matching everything, of course. Shirtmaking is an art Rachel has mastered to a tee. The fabric is a quilting weight cotton which is on the heavy side for a shirt but great for casual (and fun!) projects. There is a light knit interfacing in the collar, cuffs and front placket.

Here is a close up of Rachel’s matching: (in her previous life she was a chameleon)

Vinyl records shirt matched print pocket

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Rabbit Print Cotton Shirt with Concealed Buttonhole Band

bunny print cotton shirt

Pauline made this sweet bunny print shirt with printed quilting weight cotton. It is a Butterick pattern (6324) that has minimal/confusing instructions (it is clearly the instructions at fault and not the readers!), so Pauline came a bit unstuck working out how to do the concealed buttonhole band, but she got there in the end 🙂

The collar and cuffs are interfaced with lightweight knit iron-on interfacing

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Floral Cotton Drill Dress with Cut-Out Detail on Back

floral cotton drill dress with cut out detail on back

Marion here wearing this super fitted stretch drill dress with lovely cut out detail on the back. She cheats by getting the uber talented Dawn Hooper of Hardy and Hooper (Maidenhead) to design and make it up for her (I must say if I had a Dawn I would too).

There is a danger with not-so-good designers to make ‘funeral clothes’ -clothes that look great on the front but are plain and boring on the back (you don’t need the back to look pretty if you are lying in a coffin). When we look at ourselves we rarely see our behinds (hoorah for that I say!) but other people do so it’s good to make it look pretty.

floral cotton drill dress with cut out detail on back
look at the pretty cut-out back!


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White Dobby School Shirt

Cotton Dobby Voile School Shirt

School shirts don’t have to be made out of polyester to be easy care, why are all the school shirts in the shops either horrid stiff cotton or polyester? Jane makes Kitcat and Miaow’s school shirts in supersoft cotton dobby lawn which hardly needs ironing at all, just flatten the collar and they are good to go! Made using Burda 9744 with such a tiny bit of fabric the under collar has been seamed in the middle.

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Dragon Print Cotton Culottes

dragon print cotton culottes

Bernie in the South of France wearing her blue and cream dragon print cotton culottes made using a pattern taken from the Burda magazine no 195, March 2016. She made adjustments (intentionally) and took out the pleat in the front simply by seaming it down.  The culottes were finished by then but felt they were far too wide so rather than disturb the good fit over the hips and waist she just took out the fullness by stitching the pleat down as a seam and then cutting away the surplus, an overall difference of several inches.  Bernie did have to undo the waistband for a few inches on each side to do the job properly.  Then (unintentionally as when using the overlocker to finish these extra seams she got the back caught up in it thus making a hole!) made a similar seam down the centre back of each leg of the culottes, no more than an inch or so of width, and is very pleased with the result. (HOORAH!)

As for to the top, it is made from some lightweight organic cotton jersey and the pattern is an amalgam of several for a far too complicated reason to explain!  Let’s just say it is a t-shirt!

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Woodland Animal Print Swirly Skirt

Tula Pink for Free Spirit cotton

Rachel wearing her Tula Pink for Free Spirit woodland animals print cotton skirt using Vogue 8588 pattern, the hem is bound in satin bias binding. She was worried she was going to feel like mutton dressed as lamb (as if), but actually feels fabulous wearing it. There were debates about adding lace to the hem to extend it (there is no more of the fabric) but we think she’s right to have left it be.

Tula Pink for Free Spirit cotton

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Light Blue Broderie Anglaise Panelled Dress

Bess wearing her super summery light blue broderie anglaise cotton dress at the Pimm’s stall at the village fête. The dress is her same Jaeger dress pattern with the neck cut lower and lined in ivory cotton lawn. The neck is piped with red satin piping (made with a super lightweight bias binding and piping cord) and bias binding around the armholes.

Just to be extra fancy Bess used french seams on the lining (this has practical reasons as well as showing off -it is stronger and everything looks neater), and a heavy repp bias binding around the hem to give it a little structure. Despite the snug fit and no lycra Bess can still wiggle in without a zip.

Neon shoes are an optional extra 😉



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Pink Denim Skirt and Jacket with Lace Trim

Jane made this Denim jacket and matching skirt with stretch pink denim for Kitcat. It is trimmed in black lace (because Kitcat is 9 going on 19). The skirt is a great little pattern from Burda (9480) – the back was made slightly wider so elastic could be put in. The Jacket was an utter nightmare – BEWARE OF INDIE PATTERNS DOWNLOADED FROM THE INTERNET! She eventually got there though! And Kitcat is very pleased.

Topstitched with two poly sew all threads run through the same eye of the needle (a trick that is far easier and reliable than using topstitching thread, we have found). The coloured jeans buttons are riveted in.

The belt was made by Harlequin (you send them the fabric and hey presto!)

pink denim jacket and matching mini skirt
pink denim jacket and matching mini skirt

lime green and pale pink denim jackets
lime green and pale pink denim jackets

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School Shirt and Shorts

Summer ready and super stylish Kitcat in her white spotty jacquard cotton school shirt and green gingham shorts. There is also a matching belt (covered by Harlequin). This girl will not be showing her knickers whilst handstanding in the playground!

To make the gingham a little heavier for the shorts Jane backed it with cotton lawn interfacing (iron-on).

Patterns: The shirt is Burda 9744 and the shorts are Burda 9481.

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Green Denim Kid’s Mini Skirt & Jacket

Jane made this lime green denim mini skirt and jacket for Miaow. The jacket was a pattern downloaded whose author shall remain anonymous due to the derogatory comments that have come out of Jane while making it. It was a battle to find a kid’s denim jacket pattern at all, it would have been quicker (and easier) to have drafted it ourselves after the multitude of alterations that had to be done to this pattern. The skirt was easy though!

Made using stretch cotton denim and trimmed with cotton poplin and coloured jeans buttons. The belt on the skirt is made by Harlequin who cover buckles and buttons with your fabric super quick and efficiently.  Funky!

kid's lime green stretch denim mini skirt with matching belt and floral contrast pockets
lime green denim mini skirt with belt