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Cardigan Jacket Tweed

A certain fashion house told us off for using their name as an adjective for the loose woven tweeds that make up little boxy jackets so we’ve had to remove all mention and put ‘cardigan jacket’ instead. You all know what we really mean, right? Coco She who must not be named came up with the design in 1954 and the jacket has been a frequently spotted fashion regular ever since. The traditional construction that requires quilting the unstable tweed to a lightweight lining enables the fabric to remain fluid, lightweight and super-comfortable, there are options galore for jazzing it up with mixes of gimp braids and adding weighted chain to the hem improve the drape. We recommend a book called Couture Cardigan Jacket by Claire Schaeffer that goes into detail about the construction. Alternatively you can make a cheater’s version that does away with the quilting and hand sewing but be careful to choose a tweed that is reasonably stable if you want it to last. We have found the trick to get it looking great (whichever construction method you choose) is to make the arms as skinny as you dare with the sleeve cut deep into the armhole -this enables a greater freedom of movement and a chic silhouette.
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