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Stretch Denim Jeans – That Fit

black denim stretch jeans self drafted and closet core ginger jeans

Joan bought indigo and a black stretch denims from us in a bid to get some jeans that fit and she did a stellar job.

The pattern she used was a mix up of various elements: an old Vogue pattern for the blue jeans fly, Closet Core Ginger midrise jeans for the start of the black fly, and a lot of the sewing method, plus a pattern drafted off an old pair of her best fitting jeans and tweaked for a better fit. She modified the fly so that it more closely resembled RTW finish in the black pair and that worked better than the blue pair.

She bought the Mara 70 thread and found the best success when using it in the bobbin plus top thread.

jeans fly and jeans pockets details
jeans fly and jeans pockets details