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Soft Blue Jumbo Cord Opium Swing Coat

blue corduroy deer and doe opium swing coat

Jenny used our ex-designer jumbo cord to make up the Deer and Doe Opium Coat and it is fabulous. Due to the thickness of the cord Jenny swapped the origami welt pockets for regular welt pockets -we all agree these look just as good in this funky wide wale corduroy.

I must say, I do like Jenny’s organisation on her pattern envelopes – I can only dream of such efficiency!

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Bug Print Shirt with Babycord A-Line Skirt

anne wearing handmade babycord skirt and poplin shirt

The lovely Anne made up our teal stretch babycord as a panelled A-line skirt and the bug print cotton poplin as a fun blouse. The sewing is impeccable (of course!) -beautifully turned collar, perfectly straight waistband… she’s a great sewer who kept herself busy during lockdown making a fabulous new wardrobe.

anne wearing handmade babycord skirt and poplin shirt
anne wearing handmade babycord skirt and poplin shirt
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Stripey Lark Tee and Stretch Crosscut Cord Jeans

sally standing on patio wearing stripey cotton lark tee and crosscut stretch corduroy jeans

This is Sally with her Jeans and a T-Shirt classic and all round perfect combo using cheerful rainbow stripe cotton and elastane jersey (using the Grainline Studio Lark Tee pattern) and an unusual and super long lasting blue crosscut stretch corduroy. The cords are half copied / half self drafted to get the perfect fit – we are not going to deny it’s a palaver top get jeans to fit but oh so worth the effort.

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Pale Blue Babycord Shirt

pale blue babycord men's shirt

My husband Denis in his ‘stone fabrics’ shirt. As mentioned on the phone, spot the deliberate mistake, cuff and placket the wrong way round, must do better next time.

The fabric is pale blue babycord that we sourced from a well known British designer . The pattern is Burda 7045, the collar from view A and used a darker blue trim for the inside of the sleeve placket edge and the collar.

We didn’t spot the deliberate mistake – 10/10 Janet!

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Pink Wool Tweed Casual Jacket

pink tweed coat on top of the devon cliff

Bess on top of the South Devon Cliffs wearing her fabulous pink tweed jacket that was made by Jane a couple of Birthday’s ago and still going strong.

The lining is chartreuse satin lining on the sleeves and multicolour chevron printed cotton (quilting weight) for the body. The collar and facings are red jumbo corduroy because Bess didn’t want the tweed against her skin.

Pink Wool tweed jacket with red jumbo cord facings and collar

The design is an old burda fur jacket pattern -somewhat altered! Fur coat patterns are dead easy because they tend to have very boxy simple cuts.

Pink denim jacket with odd buttons
Pink denim jacket with odd buttons

This is basically a remake of a pink denim jacket Bess made earlier – but suitable for the winter. Even the buttons are the same.


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Turquoise Corduroy Boxy Jacket

turquoise cotton corduroy jacket

Bess wearing her turquoise corduroy jacket with big 1960’s buttons and lined in Kaffe Fassett printed cotton.

Fabrics and Notions:
Turquoise corduroy
Kaffe Fassett printed cotton
Big 1960’s period buttons
Jeans rivets
Bias binding
Black stayflex cotton iron on interlining

5 years on (not pictured) Red grosgrain foldover binding (around cuffs to cover fraying)