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Space Rocket Print Cotton Jersey Pyjamas

space print pyjamas made by Miaow (mostly by herself)

Miaow made these space print cotton jersey pyjamas with a little help from Granny (Jane). Hardly any help really, Mia pinned out the pattern onto the fabric, cut them out, overlocked them together and even made ‘Arfur’ the rabbit a matching nightshirt and nightcap. The only thing Jane did was hem them (which she did because they needed to be done TONIGHT and Miaow didn’t have time).

Miaow is 8. When she grows up she wants to be an astronaut.

The pattern is McCall’s M7499 (discontinued but similar things are available).

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Geometric Teardrop Print Cotton Jersey Child’s Dress

geometric print cotton and elastane t-shirt dress

Frances made this dress for her grand-daughter to go to the school Oscar awards. It’s an easy pull on dress using McCall’s Pattern 7079 and made with a t-shirt weight cotton and elastane single jersey.

It’s a good idea to stay the shoulder seams with a bit of tape on t-shirts and dresses, you can use a seam tape, iron on a bit of stabilising interfacing or even sew in a bit of the jersey selvedge (if it is stable enough).

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Lion Print Cotton Jersey T-Shirt

lion print cotton t-shirt and panelled cord skirt

Elwen wearing her lion print cotton jersey T-Shirt using the Burda 6820 pattern. I’m pretty certain this print is more effective at cheering oneself up than any prescribed drugs, she was definitely very pleased with herself the day she came into work wearing that.

Worn with a panelled mini skirt made using remnants of cotton needlecord. The pattern is Burda 6928 and is a great user upper of remnants!

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Strawberry Print T-Shirts (a pair of strawberry tarts)

a pair of strawberry print t-shirts

When we received the email entitled ‘a pair of strawberry tarts’ we weren’t quite sure what we were opening. 🙀

This is Rachel and Rachel wearing their matching strawberry print cotton and elastane jersey t-shirts along with wolfy the dog (whippet the whippet was locked outside after rolling in fox excrement).

This is possibly our favourite catwalk photo EVER ❤️❤️❤️

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Feather Print T-Shirt

feather print cotton and elastane t-shirt

Bess made up this feather print T-Shirt for her little sister using lovely stable Cotton and Elastane Jersey with lots of stretch that makes the binding on the neck a cinch. Plus there is the added bonus that as the fabric is so wide and Lulu is such a squinge Bess can make up the entire thing out of 80cm. Bonus!

The hems are done with a simple zigzag because Bess hates the coverstitch machine.

cotton and elastane t-shirt neck binding

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Jersey Mock Wrap Top and Maxi Skirt

jersey mock wrap top and maxi skirt

Sue had never sewn jersey before so approached this project with a little trepidation, a few days later she was showing off her skills with both the white wrap top made in cotton and elastane jersey and the maxi skirt made in multicolour digital print lightweight viscose and elastane jersey. I think it is fair to say Sue is approaching jersey with a little less trepidation now 😉


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Dragon Print Cotton Culottes

dragon print cotton culottes

Bernie in the South of France wearing her blue and cream dragon print cotton culottes made using a pattern taken from the Burda magazine no 195, March 2016. She made adjustments (intentionally) and took out the pleat in the front simply by seaming it down.  The culottes were finished by then but felt they were far too wide so rather than disturb the good fit over the hips and waist she just took out the fullness by stitching the pleat down as a seam and then cutting away the surplus, an overall difference of several inches.  Bernie did have to undo the waistband for a few inches on each side to do the job properly.  Then (unintentionally as when using the overlocker to finish these extra seams she got the back caught up in it thus making a hole!) made a similar seam down the centre back of each leg of the culottes, no more than an inch or so of width, and is very pleased with the result. (HOORAH!)

As for to the top, it is made from some lightweight organic cotton jersey and the pattern is an amalgam of several for a far too complicated reason to explain!  Let’s just say it is a t-shirt!

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Kitsch Cats Print Jersey Dress

kitsch cat digital print jersey dress

Kitcat wearing her terribly kitsch cat digital print cotton and elastane jersey long sleeved dress (made by Jane). The pattern is Burda 8455 but Jane pieced together the yoke and hem so as not to cut up the print. Kitcat is such a squinge it is cut to age 6 but lengthened in sleeve and body (Kitcat is 9!). The neck was lowered so as to go over her head and negate the need for a zip but next time the neck will be altered so it doesn’t gape.

Now all the grown-ups want one too.

She then said that she needed pink leopard print ponte jersey cardigan to complete the outfit -personally we are not so sure this is a good fashion move but what do we know in the world of 9 year old fashion? We shall leave it to you to decide. The pattern is McCall’s 6542 (age 6 with lengthened sleeves), it is bound down the front and around the neck with jersey binding.

punk and black leopard print ponte jersey cardigan

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Printed Boiled Wool Circular Skirt

Lizzy wearing boiled wool circle skirt

Lizzy with her boiled wool circular skirt. Lizzy has a paper pattern phobia and so usually just wings it. Luckily circular skirts are easier to wing than patterns so here we have a completed project and a proud owner 🙂

The boiled wool is quite stretchy so the waist came out bigger than anticipated. She has used cotton rib jersey as a yoke and then tied it in with plaited velvet ribbons to make a tail.

She then embroidered beads onto the ‘Lion’*… as you do.

bead embroidered boiled wool
beads embroidered onto printed boiled wool
back view of circle skirt
Back view showing the velvet ‘tail’

*Lizzy is completely convinced there is a lion hiding in the print (hence why she beaded him). Lizzy swears she has never taken drugs.


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Digitally Printed Balloon Jersey Panelled Dress

balloon digital print jersey panelled dress

Bess wearing her digitally printed cotton jersey dress made using her (much repeated) panelled dress pattern-this normally has waist seams but she omitted them so as not to cut up the balloons too much. As the pattern is normally used on woven fabrics she also pinned out the little bust darts as they were unnecessary in this stretchy fabric.

This jersey is quite a heavy cotton jersey with a high percentage of elastane (6%) so it keeps its shape well and doesn’t need lining. Rather than meddling with facings (which never lie terribly well in such a stretchy jersey) Bess used jersey binding around the neck and arm holes.

All the seams were sewn in a jiffy with the overlocker, the hems and bindings were done on the machine (because it’s quicker to zigzag than drag out the flat locker).

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Graffiti Printed Wrap T-Shirt

graffiti digital print wrap jersey top

Rachel wearing her fabulous digitally printed graffiti cotton and elastane jersey wrap t-shirt. Rachel had made up this t-shirt before in a Liberty pure cotton jersey but there’s a lot of elastane in this jersey (6% -double what you usually get), which makes it super stretchy and caused a few alterations to be made, she got there in the end! Jersey used to be Rachel’s nemesis but she’s learning how to kick it into shape.

Jerseys, just like wovens are not all made from the same mould, the weight, the fibres, the density of knit and percentage of elastane all effect the way it behaves, so even when you think you’ve got the perfect pattern along comes a new fabric that needs alterations. Such is the joy of dressmaking!

Anyway, it’s fab, and you learn much more from our trials than the easy projects (just keep telling yourself that).

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Car print three quarter sleeve T-shirt

car printed jersey T-Shirt

Car print raglan sleeve T-shirt made by Bess for Lulu.

Fabric: 4983 Cotton jersey with 8% Elastane

Adjusted from Burda pattern 6990

Because the fabric is soooooo wide Bess managed to not only get this top but also a knee length a-line skirt for Lulu, and a little tiny skirt for her daughter, Mia-moo, all out of 1.4mts.

Altogether now, Awwwwwwwwwww!

Mia-moo wearing car-print jersey mini skirt made out of a remnant
Mia-moo wearing car-print jersey mini skirt made out of a remnant
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Trellis Print Lawn Sleeveless Shirt

printed cotton lawn sleeveless shirt

Bess wearing her much-loved cotton lawn trellis print shirt. Lawn is a brilliant weave to wear in the heat as it is so fine, yet still nice to sew with. The pattern was copied from a worn-out White Stuff shirt (now out of production), The bust darts are really tucks coming down from the shoulders. The armholes are faced with a wide tapered bias armhole binding that folds back to give the armhole some substance (anything to balance out Bess’s hips, she says, is a good thing 😉 )

Bess used no interfacing in the construction of this shirt – looking at the one she copied it didn’t seem they had used any, she worried about the buttonholes cocking up not working and the collar-band not lying properly but it was fine, if the fabric was less stable than lawn she would use light interfacing.

Fabric and Notions:
Blue trellis print cotton lawn
10mm red buttons

Pattern: drafted from manufactured shirt.

Also seen, cloud print red and white jersey skirt

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Cloud Print Jersey Mini Skirt and Raglan Top

raglan sweatshirt and cloud printed jersey mini skirt

Bess wearing her cloud printed cotton elastane jersey mini skirt, with cobalt blue double jersey raglan sleeve top. Both the top and the skirt took less than half an hour to make (each) – more time was spent waiting for the iron to heat up, or choosing which side to do the top (the reverse of that fabric is a lovely teal colour.

Bess loves things that take less than half an hour to make 🙂

Fabrics and Notions:

Cotton Elastane cloud printed jersey #2846.
Cobalt Blue/Teal double sided jersey #3193. See more jersey here


Skirt: DKNY for Vogue (adapted from long skirt, pattern now discontinued)
Top: Marcy Tilton for Vogue. #8636 (collar, cuffs and hem adapted from pattern)

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Turquoise Cloud Print Stand-Up Collar T-Shirt

cloud printed jersey top

Lulu wearing turquoise cloud print cotton and elastane jersey t-shirt with stand up collar made by Bess.

Fabrics and Notions:

Turquoise cloud print cotton with 7% elastane (v.stretchy) jersey.
Stay tape

Pattern: Adapted from an ancient Vogue Elements hooded top pattern.

To add a stand collar like this to a round neckline is easy as the pattern is cut straight, just cut a rectangle twice the height of the collar (plus seam allowances), and as wide as the circumference of the neckline (do not add seam allowances).  Sew the collar into a tube, fold in half and then overlock or stitch the raw edges together at the neck.


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Ditsy Floral Needlecord Cotton Baby Dress and Blue Cotton Twill Romper

cotton corduroy romper and dress and leggings

Floral printed needlecord cotton dress with pink marl jersey, and blue twill cotton romper with contrast pockets.

Fabrics and Notions:
Ditsy floral printed needlecord cotton
Polka dot lawn (lining)
Pink marl cotton elastane jersey
Blue twill cotton
Spotty cotton
Rickrack trim
Bias Binding

Pattern: Ottobre magazine

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Quilted Hooded Jacket with Worsted Wool and Jersey Draped Skirt

quilted jersey jacket and jersey draped skirt

Becky modelling Lucinda’s quilted cotton hooded jacket  with laser cut leaf embellishments, and worsted wool shaped yoke with jersey draped skirt (made using the Julian Roberts sub-cutting method)

Fabrics and Notions:
Marble print viscose and elastane jersey
Chocolate brown English worsted wool
Red viscose and elastane jersey
Invisible zip

Dyed calico
Laser cut leaves from ultrasuade, jersey and calico
Blue viscose (lining)
Cotton bias binding

Viscose elastane jersey

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Red Robot Print A-Line Dress

red robot print cotton dress

Cheryl stood outside our shop wearing a red robot printed cotton dress

Fabrics and Notions:
Red robot print cotton
Invisible zip
Medium weight iron-on interfacing

This style dress is easy to make and will often not even need a zip, a great choice for beginners, or those who want to knock something up quickly. For best results choose an interesting print and let the fabric do the talking, or trim a plain fabric with ribbons, bindings or braids around the hem and neckline. This style also works really well in jersey.

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Cartoon Print Jersey Dress

cartoon print jersey dress

Bess (the day after her wedding) wearing cartoon print jersey dress.

Fabrics and Notions:
Cartoon print cotton and elastane jersey

Bess thought the jersey a bit lightweight for her taste so made it double (rather than lining it in a tricot which she didn’t feel was heavy enough).

Also worn at Womad for her hen party. The neckline was cut the same as her wedding dress so she wouldn’t get tan lines.

ignore the handcuffs… it was a hen party thing


Navy Blue, Ochre and Multicolour mosaic animal print 90% Cotton 10% Elastane lightweight / medium weight Jersey


Coral, Raspberry Pink, Turquoise and Royal Blue abstract floral print 95% Cotton 5% Elastane french terry medium weight Jersey


Black, Red and Green pheasant bird and floral digital print 92% Cotton 8% Elastane Lightweight Jersey (T-shirt weight)


White, Brown and Yellow Jaguar cat digital print 92% Cotton 8% Elastane Lightweight Jersey (T-shirt weight)


Teal and White cloud print 94% Cotton 6% Elastane lightweight Jersey


grey cotton jersey with random bee print

Grey, White and Yellow bee print 95% Cotton 5% Elastane Jersey


Light Grey Marl cat face print with glow in the dark eyes 95% Cotton 5% Elastane Jersey


Navy Blue, Red and White fire engine print 95% Cotton 5% Elastane T-Shirt Jersey


Navy Blue, Yellow and White banana print on horizontal stripe 95% Cotton 5% Elastane brushed back soft sweatshirting Jersey


Jade Green and Multicolour daisy and poppy floral digital print 95% Cotton 5% Elastane 200gsm lightweight Jersey


Ochre Brown and Multicolour daisy and poppy floral digital print 95% Cotton 5% Elastane 200gsm lightweight Jersey


Grey, Pink and Multicolour watercolour floral print 95% Cotton 5% Elastane lightweight Jersey


Black and White horizontal stripe with watermelon print 95% Cotton 5% Elastane lightweight Jersey


Navy, White and Yellow bee print 95% Cotton 5% Elastane Jersey


Denim Blue Middle Eastern symbols and camels printed 96% Cotton 4% Elastane Jersey


White , Black and Yellow bee print 95% Cotton 5% Elastane Jersey


Navy and Light Blue scribble border print 95% Cotton 5% Elastane 4-way stretch Jersey. Border print is on both selvedges and can be run sideways so design is on hem


White and Multicolour exotic bird and floral print 100% mercerised Cotton lightweight Jersey


Emerald Green, Coral, Yellow and Navy Blue retro floral print 50% Cotton 50% Polyester French Terry Jersey


White and Multi colour watercolour floral print 95% Cotton 5% Elastane T-Shirt Jersey


Black and Multi colour watercolour floral print 95% Cotton 5% Elastane T-Shirt Jersey


Olive Green, Orange and Red ditsy floral print 95% Cotton 5% Elastane T-Shirt weight Jersey



Blue, Pink and Multicolour Monet impressionist floral print 95% Cotton 5% Elastane lightweight Jersey



Aqua, Red and Navy Blue retro robot print 95% Cotton 5% Elastane French Terry Jersey



Red and Multi-colour Doodle Printed Cotton and Elastane Jersey



Ivory and Multicolour floral with courgettes digital print 92% Cotton 8% Elastane medium t-shirt weight 4 way stretch jersey



Black and Multicolour floral with gherkins digital print 92% Cotton 8% Elastane medium t-shirt weight 4 way stretch jersey



Black and multicolour dangling baubles print 95% Cotton 5% Elastane t-shirt weight Jersey