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Printed Boiled Wool Circular Skirt

Lizzy wearing boiled wool circle skirt

Lizzy with her boiled wool circular skirt. Lizzy has a paper pattern phobia and so usually just wings it. Luckily circular skirts are easier to wing than patterns so here we have a completed project and a proud owner 🙂

The boiled wool is quite stretchy so the waist came out bigger than anticipated. She has used cotton rib jersey as a yoke and then tied it in with plaited velvet ribbons to make a tail.

She then embroidered beads onto the ‘Lion’*… as you do.

bead embroidered boiled wool
beads embroidered onto printed boiled wool
back view of circle skirt
Back view showing the velvet ‘tail’

*Lizzy is completely convinced there is a lion hiding in the print (hence why she beaded him). Lizzy swears she has never taken drugs.