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Hand Painted Mercerised Cotton Jersey T-Shirt

BE STRONG ... I whispered to my coffee slogan hand painted T-Shirt

Burda 6602 pattern strikes again! This versatile pattern is sooo good. This latest version is in the finest silkiest cotton jersey (11313) known to (wo)man- and it’s a double jersey so it doesn’t curl when you cut it (Yayy!). Highly Recommended!
Bess fabric painted “BE STRONG I whispered to my coffee” -a quote she saw outside a NYC coffee shop and so whilst she didn’t come home with a sweatshop made “I ❤️ NYC” T-shirt she has (finally!) got her holiday souvenir 💪
Bess altered the neck in this version – if you alter your neck hole and wonder what size the binding should now be it’s fairly safe to go with 2/3 the circumference measurement of the neck. Hems and neck binding were topstitched with the maraflex stretchy thread 👍

Having a good opaque fabric paint in the stash is a great thing to have on hand for impromptu presents – it’s easy to use and will instantly personalise / add meaning to what otherwise could be quite plain or ordinary.

Fun fact: The first time Bess painted the slogan she painted it on the wrong grainline… so the slogan went vertical instead of horizontal, rather than wasting the fabric she also made a vest top: