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Ivory Vera Wang Wedding Dress

vera wang wedding dress made up in ivory silk brocade

Prue made this amazing Vera Wang wedding dress in silk brocade. The pattern is discontinued #2118 but sometimes you can find them on Etsy and such like. There are 32 tiny little fiddly buttons down the back which for that alone Prue should get a medal, but how stunning is this dress? (the answer is VERY).

She also made the little bridesmaids dresses out of the same silk. Altogether now, Awwwwwwww!


vera wang ivory silk brocade wedding dress


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Blossom Print Japanese Cotton Françoise Shift Dress

indigo blossom print japanese cotton francoise dress from Tilly and The Buttons

Karen came to the shop wearing this brilliant blossom print Japanese cotton shift dress, she made it using the Tilly and the Buttons Françoise pattern, it has been lengthened and a with bit of tweaking to the french darts (hardly visible in this fabric) this has become a firm favourite in Karen’s wardrobe. This cotton has a great weight to it that barely creases, doesn’t shrink (and so pre-washing shouldn’t be necessary) and is loose enough weave to remain cool and breezy.



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Red and Cream Spotty Silk Twill Shift Dress

red and cream spotty silk twill shift dress

Petra sent us this pic of her dress made up using spotty silk twill from LG. You will notice the spots are arranged inline rather than offset which makes them a super finnickity to match but she did it really well.

She said: A week ago I googled dress fabric shops in the uk and came across an article in The Guardian titled 10 best fabric shops in the uk[]. I looked at your website and found exactly the fabric I wanted. It came on the Monday and now I have a dress to wear for a wedding! Thank you for you friendly and professional service. I will definitely look at your shop for other fabric.  

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Navy Linen and Sorona Mix Kalle Shirt

Sorona and Linen mix closet case patterns Kalle Shirt

Sue (from French France) made this fabulous linen and Sorona mix shirt using the Closet Case Patterns ‘Kalle Shirt’, Sorona is a new fibre made from corn starch that we hope will take off because added to linen it adds a fabulous softness and suppleness (less creases! Yayy!!). Sue used a bias maker to make the spotty inside collar.


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Purple Felted Wool Child’s Coat

foxglove purple felted wool child's coat

Catharine made this delightful coat for her daughter, she said she doesn’t normally send in photos but has had so many compliments about this coat she decided she really ought to share.

The fabric is a lovely foxglove felted wool from LG. Lined with her favourite Frozen fabric (not from us) and sleeves lined with venezia. The pattern is burda 9501.

Awwwwww! 😍

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Feather Print T-Shirt

feather print cotton and elastane t-shirt

Bess made up this feather print T-Shirt for her little sister using lovely stable Cotton and Elastane Jersey with lots of stretch that makes the binding on the neck a cinch. Plus there is the added bonus that as the fabric is so wide and Lulu is such a squinge Bess can make up the entire thing out of 80cm. Bonus!

The hems are done with a simple zigzag because Bess hates the coverstitch machine.

cotton and elastane t-shirt neck binding

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Child’s Cotton Dress and Matching Hat

seaweed and underwater print child's sundress and matching sun hat

This is Christine’s Granddaughter Georgia, who was nearly 5. She’d just been to stay, and as soon as her parents had dropped her off she wanted to ‘do sewing – a hat and a dress!’
They found a lovely free bucket hat pattern online – from Oliver + s – a PDF, a first for Christine but very easy, and sewed up nicely. Then they found a New Look G205 pattern for the dress.
Everything made up really nicely in the seaweed print cotton. Christine was thinking of ric-rac, but as soon as Georgia saw the daisy trim she fell in love with it. As you can see, she loves her dress, and thinks it’s very good for twirling in! The hems are sewn with a daisy stitch to match the trim.

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Dusky Purple Wool Melton Coat with Psychedelic Lining

dusky purple wool melton coat with psychedelic print satin lining

Here we have Melody with her dusky purple coat made up beautifully and lined in psychedelic digital print poly satin. The pattern is the Clare Coat from Closet Case patterns. Melody said the printed pattern is not the best but their site has a brilliant tutorial for making it. It comes as a zipped version and a version with large press studs but she changed it to have self cover ones done with the lining.

Check the lining! Continue reading Dusky Purple Wool Melton Coat with Psychedelic Lining

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Taupe Geometric Print Polyester Satin Vest Top

self-drafted lightweight polyester satin vest top

Trish came to the shop wearing her fabulous taupe geometric print polyester satin vest top, she self drafted the pattern (clever old sticks our customers are).

This top is as versatile as a top can be – perfect for a trip to the shops but equally at home dressed up with some snazzy trousers for a wedding. Pattern heaven!



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Multicolour Stripe Stretch Cotton Dress

multicolour stripe pattern dress

We have been looking at this stretch cotton sateen multicolour stripe for a while thinking “something FANTASTIC could be made out of this”, and here we have the proof. Marion, with her dress made and designed by the clever stick Dawn Hooper of Hardy and Hooper (Maidenhead). We love the chevron detailing on the back, and the perfectly matched seams. This kind of attention to detail really pays off. 👍

multicolour stripe pattern dress - back chevron detail multicolour stripe pattern dress

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Colour Block Shift Dress

linen colour block shift dress

Pamela sent us this photo after a season of wearing this self proclaimed favourite dress made up from her stash of heavy linen. Aside from the generally pleasing aesthetics of a colour block dress you get to do some quality stash busting. Win/Win! For the best results use like fabrics (weight/drape) and make sure they are colour fast for the cleaning. It’s a good idea to use those colour catcher sheets you put in the machine as a precaution.

She made it up again in Green (which we love) but the yellow remains the favourite.

green linen colour block dress


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Tulip Print Shift Dress with Wool Crepe Bolero Jacket

tulip statement print poly twill taffeta shift dress and wool crepe bolero jacket

The lovely Anne here in full glory doing the Mother of the Bride thing wearing this statement tulip print poly twill taffeta dress and classic wool crepe bolero jacket.

Anne had help matching the tulips at a sewing class in Bath (the pattern is Vogue 8997). The wool crepe in the bright pink for the jacket was lovely to work with and drapes well (the pattern is Burda 8997).

tulip statement print poly twill taffeta shift dress and wool crepe bolero jacket


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Silver Satin Prom Dress with Guipure Lace

silver satin prom dress with guipure lace

Penney made up this dress for her daughter Rosie using silver satin and overlaid on the bodice with silver guipure lace, originally the plan was to have the lace all over but they opted (quite rightly, we think) to stick to just the bodice, even though Penney had already matched up all the pieces (doh!). The pattern is made up from two other patterns – Vogue 2913 (one of Penneys from the eighties) and Vogue 8076. She used used a full toile to fit it and amend. Rosie was very specific about what she wanted as teenagers do best!

silver guipure lace and satin prom dress

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Floral Stretch Cotton Sateen Wide Leg Trousers

floral stretch cotton sateen wide leg trousers

Aiste is showing off her fabulous wide leg trousers made up in floral print stretch cotton sateen using Burda vintage (re-published) pattern #6966, she used the narrower of the two options.

The fit of these trousers is fantastic -partly due to the elastane content of the fabric but also because, for some reason, Burda trouser patterns are cut better than others (in our humble opinion).

floral stretch cotton sateen wide leg trousers


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Purple Faux Fur Short Jacket

Purple Faux Fur Short Jacket

This luxurious Purple faux fur jacket was made by Pauline using Butterick 6328 pattern, which is illustrated here as overshirts but as you can see works very well in faux fur.

butterick 6328 jacket pattern

The pattern is unlined but Pauline wanted lovely yellow satin inside so she drafted a lining pattern by the following method.

how to make a lining pattern

The neatest and best way to make a lining pattern from an unlined pattern with a facing is to do the following:

Illustration: Piece A = front facing. Piece B = front

First: Trace piece B and cut out.

1. Lay facing (A) over your traced piece (B) matching centre front and shoulder points (red dots). Mark your cutting line onto piece B that will be 2 x seam allowances inside the facing piece (red dotted line), this is usually 3cm (2 x 1.5cm). A tracing wheel or measurement gauge is useful for this job but a simple ruler will work.

2. Cut off the top of piece B beyond the dotted line. This is your new lining piece.

3 Stitch lining B to facing A using the same seam allowance as you used for the alteration.

The same principle goes for whichever piece you want to make a lining for -you need to lay the facing piece on and take off that piece less 2 x seam allowances. It’s a good idea to add a pleat of extra fabric (about 3”) to the back of a coat or jacket, and all linings should be cut fractionally bigger than the outer fabric to add ease.


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Bright Green Laminated PVC Peplum Skirt

green PVC peplum skirt

Back when The Great British Sewing Bee were after applicants for the next show (before they went and upset the BBC) Pauline was rather hoping to get on it, and being the kind of person who will happily sew brown tweed and bunny print cotton most of the time she thought she better widen her horizons in case they made her do something evil.

I think it is safe to say this is about as far out of Pauline’s comfort zone as we are going to get but she did an exceptional job. PVC is not easy to sew as it often sticks to the machine and doesn’t feed properly, various things can help like sewing with layers of tissue, using a walking foot or teflon foot, or sprinkling with talcum powder. It is a good idea to lengthen the stitch too.

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Jersey Mock Wrap Top and Maxi Skirt

jersey mock wrap top and maxi skirt

Sue had never sewn jersey before so approached this project with a little trepidation, a few days later she was showing off her skills with both the white wrap top made in cotton and elastane jersey and the maxi skirt made in multicolour digital print lightweight viscose and elastane jersey. I think it is fair to say Sue is approaching jersey with a little less trepidation now 😉


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Silver Stretch Brocade Fitted Shift Dress

Silver Stretch Brocade Fitted Shift Dress

Frances made up this fabulous silver grey stretch brocade shift dress for her sister who was needing an outfit for her son’s wedding – she didn’t want anyone else to turn up wearing the same dress! She knew what she wanted and was delighted with the result (Obv!)

The pattern was copied from a dress that was bought a long time ago and made a few minor changes to the shape at the back, a toile was fitted first.

It is lined in Venezia but there is no interfacing as the fabric was weighty enough to hold its shape. as a bonus she says it was really easy to cut and sew.

Well, Frances, we think you made an exceptional Mother of the Bride Outfit for your sister right there! Well Done! 👏


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Meadow Digital Print Cotton Canvas Ruffle Skirt

digital print meadow floral cotton canvas skirt

Ann came in smiling wearing this skirt that gets her stopped in the street to ask her where it’s from 🙂

Made from meadow print slightly brushed cotton canvas with just a centre back seam, elasticated waist and a ruffle hem. It only took an afternoon which is fairly impressive, until you see every single seam is sewn beautifully BY HAND (at which point the staff at Stone Fabrics jaws drop). Ann argues it’s quicker than getting the machine out. 😮


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Green Linen Coat with Grosgrain Trim

washed heavy linen green coat

Bess made this heavy washed green linen coat on a weekend retreat by staying up practically all night for two nights and not skiving at all. She had even come prepared with her two grosgrain trims sewn to each other already and the pattern fully adjusted to fit and toile tweaked.

The linen had been pre-washed 5 times to eliminate excess dye that could leach onto the cotton grosgrain, and the dry clean only Liberty crepe de chine silk lining is also pre-washed (it’s okay).

There are no shoulder pads but a bit of semi-tailored interfacing around the chest area is used to improve the structure (along with cuffs, facings and pockets), all the trimmings were hand sewn so as not to change the drape.

washed heavy linen green coat washed heavy linen green coat washed heavy linen green coat washed heavy linen green coat washed heavy linen green coat


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Raspberry Heavy Washed Linen for Mother-of-the-Groom Dress

Raspberry Heavy Washed Linen for Mother-of-the-Groom Dress

Here is Andy (the Mother of the Groom) wearing a fabulous raspberry heavy washed linen dress made for her by Anna Ash of  I ❤️ Sewing .

raspberry heavy washed linen Lynn Mizono dress

The pattern is Vogue V1410 which has a wrap front rather than a front opening. The whole point of dressmaking is making exactly what you want* so of course these details are for us to alter!Vogue V1410 Lynn Mizono dress pattern

*when I say we dressmake to get exactly what we want I mean within reason. We cannot alter patterns to remove a middle-age spread, or dropped shoulders, or [enter personal body hang-up here]. But we can dressmake to disguise these things.