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Digital Print Viscose Jersey Wrap T-Shirt

Digital print viscose jersey wrap t-shirt

Jane busy sampling wearing her digital print viscose jersey mock wrap t-shirt made by Bess. The Pattern is Kay Unger for Vogue V1519 which has a cap sleeve, Bess used the sleeve off another top (that just so conveniently fitted) so as to have a longer one.

As it was quite a complicated design and tricky to see the sizing so Bess made a toile first in cheaper jersey. The wrap part is lined in viscose jersey and Bess used turquoise stretch piping on the neck to keep the tension and shape. There were lots of pleats and tucks that were carefully marked, and whilst Bess truly did intend to follow the instructions she forgot after a while, but it came out okay.  Hoorah!

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Alphabet Print Viscose and Elastane Jersey

alphabet print viscose jersey

Jessie wearing black and multicolour alphabet print viscose and elastane jersey T-Shirt made by Bess for her Christmas Present (has been worn to death since!). The pattern was taken from a favourite Jaeger Breton T-Shirt so it was designed for heavier interlock type jersey but works very well in this slinky viscose jersey. The square neck is interfaced with extra-light iron on interfacing H0019 and the back neck and shoulder seam has a stabilising tape sewn in so they do not stretch out of shape.

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Rainbow Print Viscose T-Shirt

rainbow stripe print viscose jersey t-shirt

Bess couldn’t resist this dichroic glass mirror in Amsterdam for a selfie of her rainbow print viscose T-Shirt (pattern drafted from a fallen apart Great Plains linen T-Shirt). The neck is bound with the same jersey and a stay tape is inserted on the shoulder seam to keep it stable.

Photobomb of Kitcat was unavoidable.

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Jersey Mock Wrap Top and Maxi Skirt

jersey mock wrap top and maxi skirt

Sue had never sewn jersey before so approached this project with a little trepidation, a few days later she was showing off her skills with both the white wrap top made in cotton and elastane jersey and the maxi skirt made in multicolour digital print lightweight viscose and elastane jersey. I think it is fair to say Sue is approaching jersey with a little less trepidation now 😉


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Black Jersey Ensemble for an 8 (going on 18) Year Old

black polka dot printed viscose jersey top and pencil skirt

Kitcat wearing her black jersey skirt and cropped T-shirt which she made HERSELF. Jane helped (with hyper alertness) as Kitcat was burning along at break-neck speed with the overlocker.

There is probably a really important life-lesson learned here but we are not quite sure which it is, or for whom.

Meanwhile, Kitcat has a fabulous outfit to pretend she is 18 in, and Granny still has all her fingers.

The fabrics are both viscose jersey, one heavier and slightly textured for the skirt and a lightweight polkadot print for the top.

black polka dot printed viscose jersey
black polka dot printed viscose jersey
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Green Bamboo Jersey Tunic

green bamboo jersey

Anastasia made these fabulous tunics, here’s what she had to say about them:

I would like to thank you for your great service and share with you the pictures of tunics that I have made for my mum in the beginning of the summer. The fabrics are lovely – brown printed viscose Jersey from John Kaldor (sold out) and chartreuse green bamboo Jersey ( 2910 ). It was a pleasure to work with them and the result is so nice 😉 I am very happy that I found your online store with such amazing range of beautiful fabrics!

You can find other suitable jerseys HERE

brown Kohn Kaldor printed Viscose and Elastane Jersey tunic
brown Kohn Kaldor printed Viscose and Elastane Jersey tunic
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Viscose Elastane Red Polka Dot T-Shirt and Silk Wool Tweed Pinafore Dress

wool and silk mix tweed pinafore dress and spotty red and white viscose elastane t-shirt

Jessie wearing her red viscose and elastane polka dot t-shirt made by Bess, and Bess wearing her wool and silk tweed pinafore dress with Birdy pockets and circle jersey inserts.
(They were trying to move faster than the camera flash- clearly not fast enough)

Fabrics and Notions:
Jessie wears:
Red polka dot printed viscose elastane jersey
Lightweight knitted iron-on interfacing
Stay tape
Reinforced iron-on stay tape

Bess wears:
Wool and silk tweed pinafore dress
Red polka dot viscose and elastane jersey (pockets and inserts)
Medium weight knitted iron-on interfacing

That T-shirt again, in slight slower motion:

red pinspot viscose and elastane jersey t-shirt
red pinspot viscose and elastane jersey t-shirt
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Black and White Polka-Dot or Red Jersey Reversible Dress

reversible viscose and elastane dress

Maddison modelling reversible black and white polka dot dress (red on reverse) that Bess designed for her final degree collection.

Fabrics and Notions:
Red viscose elastane jersey
Black and white polka dot print viscose elastane jersey
Lightweight knitted iron-on interfacing
Stay tape

Pattern: Bess’s own

reversible viscose and elastane dress
reversible viscose and elastane dress
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Quilted Hooded Jacket with Worsted Wool and Jersey Draped Skirt

quilted jersey jacket and jersey draped skirt

Becky modelling Lucinda’s quilted cotton hooded jacket  with laser cut leaf embellishments, and worsted wool shaped yoke with jersey draped skirt (made using the Julian Roberts sub-cutting method)

Fabrics and Notions:
Marble print viscose and elastane jersey
Chocolate brown English worsted wool
Red viscose and elastane jersey
Invisible zip

Dyed calico
Laser cut leaves from ultrasuade, jersey and calico
Blue viscose (lining)
Cotton bias binding

Viscose elastane jersey

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Red Reversible Jersey Dress

reversible jersey dress with scoop neck and cap sleeves

Bess made this reversible jersey dress as a dummy run for her final collection. The plain side in a linen viscose jersey, and the spotty side is viscose elastane. The pattern was designed on the stand.

Fabrics and Notions:
Linen Viscose jersey
Viscose elastane polka dot print jersey
Lightweight knitted iron-on interfacing
Stay tape


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Black Polka Dot Jersey Dress

polka dot printed viscose and elastane dress

Bess in her black and white polka dot viscose jersey dress (So good she made it twice)

Fabrics and Notions:
Polka dot Viscose jersey
Stay tape (shoulder seams)

Polka dots are a great flattering print which withstand the fashion cycles. Bess wore this versatile dress to death and so made another one, it is so easy it can be made in less than an hour on the overlocker.

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Red, Blue and Yellow Princess Dress

super woman princess dress

Bess was supposed to be making a princess dress for her niece Eloise but it kind of mutated into a Wonder Woman dress instead. This is what happens when you sew with no real idea of what you are making! The skirt is made up of many layers of tulle with a Venezia lining, the bodice is yellow viscose jersey that was a bit thin for the job so was interlined with a cotton jersey, and then appliqued with a piece of sequinned fabric. There is elastic in the waist and sleeves to draw it in and red plastic snap fasteners on the back bodice.

The skirt was made without a pattern (gather the tulle until it is 7″ bigger than the waist), the bodice was pinched off a bridesmaid dress -long since discontinued and certainly not intended for floppy jersey. The worst bit was sewing the heart on straight…. or getting the bulk of the tulle onto the bodice (it had to be ripped apart and regathered with pleats as just gathering was too bulky with all the layers). Despite the moments of GAAAHHHHH! WHAT AM I DOING! it was a great fun make.




Multicolour digital print big swirly slinky Viscose Jersey



Blue Pixel Printed Viscose Jersey



White fine Polyester and Viscose jersey with Black flock printed polka dots



White fine Polyester and Viscose jersey with big Black flock printed polka dots



Teal and Brown Paisley flock printed Poly Viscose Jersey



Blue Paisley Viscose Jersey



Light Blue Mid weight Viscose Jersey from Riverside



Pink and Grey Houndstooth Ponte Roma Heavy Poly Viscose Jersey



Designer Teal Blue Lightweight Viscose Jersey



Circle Flower Printed Viscose Jersey. Black/Grey/White/Blues



Circle Flower Printed Viscose Jersey. Black/Grey/White/Red



Circle Flower Printed Viscose Jersey. Black/Grey/White/Lime



Designer Coral Pink/Grey Big Swirly Print Viscose Jersey



Designer Multi Colour/Beige Horizontal Stripe Viscose Jersey



Black slinky Viscose Jersey with Silver Sequins. Hand wash



Italian retro printed Viscose Jersey in Multi Autumn tones.



Italian retro bird printed Viscose Jersey in Multi Autumn tones.



Italian Abstract Printed Viscose Jersey in Blues.



Navy ‘Jean Muir’ Viscose Jersey. (shrinks 25% if washed)



Italian Viscose Jersey , Black/Ivory Wide Stripe



Ex Jaeger Chartreuse Striped Viscose Jersey



Mauve Viscose Jersey.



Square Sequins on Black Viscose Jersey.



Bamboo viscose jersey in Taupe



Riverside red striped Viscose jersey.



Riverside Black and white domino print Viscose jersey.



Red polka dot Viscose jersey.



Black and white diagonal stripe fine Viscose jersey.



Brown and white polka dot Viscose jersey.



Purple sequinned viscose jersey.



Brown sequinned viscose jersey.



Heavy poly viscose jersey in red