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We have more haberdashery than you can shake a stick at, browse the tabs here and contact us with your requirements.


The right button can transform a garment. Send us a swatch to match and we can send you back a selection, or describe what kind of button you are looking for, and we will endeavour to provide you with something suitable. As well as quality buttons made from plastic we have a lovely selection of wooden & coconut buttons, shell & pearl, metal and bone. We also have a great selection of toggles, oversize buttons, back buttons and cover buttons (all sizes in both metal and plastic).


At Stone Fabrics we have interfacings for all your dressmaking requirements. We have a good selection of knitted and woven professional German iron-on interfacings for speed tailoring and general use which will stabilise your garment without adding stiffness or creating ugly, obvious break lines.

For traditional tailoring we have collar canvas, hair canvas, mercerised cotton, cotton mulle and organdie, organza, domette, wool wadding and fleece.

We also have a selection of waistband stabilisers, edge tapes and stay tapes.

Talk to our knowledgable staff for advice if you are unsure the best interlining for your requirement.





Concealed zips (otherwise known as invisible zips) are the No1 choice of zip for a dress, skirt or trouser where the zip inserts into a standard seam and you do not want to make a feature out of it. They give a seamless professional finish. You do not need any special feet, and they are not difficult to put in. The most important thing to remember is you need to put it in before you do the seam below. If you remember that, and to keep right sides together, and the edge of zipper tape along side the edge of your seam you won’t get in a tangle. I promise.

invisible zip instruction sheet or see the tutorial HERE.

Sizes available: 8″/20cm, 9″/23cm, 12″/30cm, 16″/41cm, 22″/56cm. Extensive range of colours, Medium and light weight. Prices: £2.40 – £4.30 each

Concealed zips can easily be shortened if necessary. (instructions to do so HERE)

Standard zips (otherwise known as dress and skirt zips) are designed to go into both a standard seam and a fly. They are suitable for both the centred method and the lapped method. Instructions HERE

Sizes (in 2″/5cm increments) from 6″/15cm up to 22″/56cm. 20 + colours. Prices: £1.70 – £3.00 each
Dress and Skirt zips can easily be shortened if necessary. (instructions to do so HERE)

Metal zips for inserting into a fly, Jeans zips are heavier gauge and usually brass, Trouser zips are lighter and silver coloured (nickel free). See this Sandra Betzina Video Tutorial HERE

Sizes 2″/5cm – 9″/23cm (in 1″ increments). Basic Colours. Prices: Most £3.00 each

Lightweight, elegant, open-end zips designed to go into bodices (also good for children’s lightweight jackets and cardigans).

8″/20cm up to 18″/46cm. Basic colours. Prices from £2.50each

A selection of chunky moulded plastic teeth, coil teeth (like a heavy duty dress and skirt zip) and metal teeth (brass and nickel-free silver coloured). Can be used for outerwear, apparel where you want to make a feature of the zip, or bags.
Also shorter pocket zips (closed end)

Sizes from 5″/12cm – 32″/81cm, Basic colours. From £1.50 each

Traditionally used in furnishing applications but can be used in an assortment of creative ways. (see Bess’s Twister skirt, for example).

Light and heavy duty, basic colours. From £2.00 p/mt.


We have a wealth of trimmings for all kinds of projects. We can send samples to match your requirements, just send a swatch for us to match and describe what kind of thing you are looking for.


We stock hundreds of colours of thread for all your sewing needs. Our all-pupose thread is Gütermann sew-all, we also stock Gütermann cotton, silk (best for decorative and top-stitching), elastic (shirring elastic),  extra strong (button thread) and tacking thread. In addition we stock Moon overlocker threads, Tire (Japanese) silk thread (fine, for sewing silk and delicate fabrics) and invisible thread.


We stock Vogue, Butterick, McCall’s and Burda patterns, and can order Simplicity patterns for you. We also have a few Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Oliver + S, Tina Givens, Amelia & Me, and Anna Maria patterns.

Sewing patterns

Sewing patterns


To order: telephone 01803 868 608.
We are open Mon - Fri 9:30am - 5:15pm, Sat 9:30am - 5:00pm