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Cloth Club

A swatch club to allow our discerning customers to receive an exciting array of seasonal and co-ordinated fabrics four times a year.

You will have a choice between two sets of interesting, good value, high quality fabrics, some from designers, some will be one offs, whilst others are ones we just love and wish to share with you. For those of you who predominately like neutral colours there is the “Naturals” set. For those of you who prefer a bit more colour in your life there is the “Mixed” set. Both will have a selection of black and white.

The samples (a minimum of 30, approximately 4” square) will be sent out at the beginning of March, June, September and December, for a yearly subscription of £20.00 per set or £34.00 for both sets. You will get 10% off the first order and 5% on any subsequent orders. Please quote your membership number when ordering to obtain discount.

Subscriptions can be started at any time and renewed annually.

Cloth Club Samples

Cloth Club Samples

We hope that you will enjoy seeing fabrics that are not necessarily your normal choice and enable you to broaden your preferences. Some of the samples will be available in other colour ways, if you need further information on a material please ask. If you would like to extend the service to obtain further samples please send a large A5 envelope and a 75p stamp (large letter stamp) requesting specific samples of your preference. We have a newsletter that outlines the very comprehensive range of fabrics that can be requested.

To join please call us, or fill in the bottom of this form and post to us.

Cloth Club Samples

Cloth Club Samples

To order: telephone 01803 868 608.
We are open Mon - Fri 9:30am - 5:15pm, Sat 9:30am - 5:00pm

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